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Arnold InfoTech, LLC.  A rich legacy in Computers

January 1,2011 Arnold Company began a new chapter by changing our name  to Arnold InfoTech, LLC.  Information Technology has been our specialty for years.  Now It's in our name also.  We are excited about  the changes in our orginization.  Though the name is new, the people and experience spans decades in the computer industry.  Quality business class computers, and top notch technical support have been our hallmark since 1986.

Same Location & Same Owners since 1986

Arnold Company, the parent company of Arnold Infotech, LLC, was founded in 1981. The desktop computer was a toy, having no real value in the business world. Roger and Brenda Arnold saw a future in this new gadget and purchased one to learn where it's value might be found.

Experience (especially a bad one) is the best teacher. Shortly after that new Z80 computer was purchased, the manufacturer announced it would no longer support the product line. No Support and No New Software...a dead end purchase.

We resolved to not just get mad, but to get even! Forming our own company, we vowed we would never treat any client the way we had been treated. Our goal was and still is to sell quality products at competitive prices and to provide our clients with the one thing we could not get.....Personalized Professional Support.

Year after year we have grown by making personalized support a primary mission. Our fee based support plan called "E.S.P." (Executive Support Plan) is unique because it provides our business clients with a level of service and support unsurpassed.

Arnold Company Firsts

First mail order computer firm in this area.
Arnold Company signed an annual contract with Computer Shopper in March 1984. That association spanned 5 years of successful sales until we decided in 1990 to change our main focus to local sales, service and support. Though we are located in a remote area, we have daily walk-in traffic from folks as far as 90 miles away who have heard of our quality products and service.

First computer firm in this area to focus on On-Site service for the Small Business
Arnold InfoTech does not make house calls for individuals. We do provide cost effective "In-Shop" service for individual computers.  In addition to retail sales in our store, our primary focus is on-site service for the Small Business owner with the quality of support that is usually only available to large corporations with in-house support staff. Whatever you need...Arnold InfoTech is here to help you.

Arnold InfoTech begins Jan 1, 2011

A new name backed by the same great level of quality and service
While we are at the same location, and our staff is the same, our name has changed to better reflect our work.  We are Arnold InfoTech, LLC, a company that specializes in information technology solutions for small business.  

Our focus has always been, and will continue to be "Best in Class" computer products, solutions, and service.  We treat our customers as we would want to be treated.  You can expect great value, and quality from Arnold InfoTech.  We are committed to being the best in our area of expertise.

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